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Life is change. No matter how we may resist, it simply will not stop changing and this is God's will.

My life has changed again yesterday. My youngest daughter has moved far away - again. Since they have been roommates, this changes both daughter's lives. I am SO PROUD that my girls have grown up capable, responsible and independent. I am so very happy that they fearlessly go wherever they feel God wants them to be and then serve with all their hearts at whatever work they are given, not complaining about hardships, but rejoicing in being used by God. They even go without jobs and often without housing - now that's faith!

But...I'm still mom. And a mom who adores her children. As grown women they are my very best friends and the two women in the Lord I respect most in the Spirit. I've learned so much from them as they share what God is teaching them and doing in their lives over the years. They are wise beyond their years. They are such an immeasurable blessing in my life that there aren't words to express it.

They have lived away since high school and even as far as the farthest point from here possible and still be in the US...excepting Hawaii or Alaska. This last two years being close enough to visit and even sometimes worship together have been such a blessing. Starting as teens they were doing mission work in Kenya just a month after the US embasy was bombed and walking streets with raw sewage running down the sides, in dung huts with the Masai tribe; at Ground Zero in New York at the first anniversary of 9-11; the Dominican Republic; the most violent streets in LA with steaming piles and yellow rivers on the sidewalk next to them as they have shared Jesus with dear souls. Like Paul I say:

  • "I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth." 3 John 1:4
But I am human too and I miss her so, and I will. Each time I think it will be easier, but it never is. I walk through it with my God each time and He is faithful and He brings fruit to His glory. So as I begin this journey yet again, I thank You Lord that Your grace is sufficient for me and I ask that You swaddle my girls/YOUR girls in Your protection, provision and Your blessings. I ask that You use them and make both their paths clear and straight for them that they not miss a step. I pray that You defeat every plan the enemy has for them and that You be glorified in all things. In Jesus' name I ask this precious Lord, faithful Friend, my Beloved forever.

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