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Here is another deep spiritual truth I have learned from my daughters.

As a mother, I love my children and would give my life for them at any moment and it's always been this way. I sought always to do my best in this job God honored me with, fully aware that they are His and not mine and that He only entrusted them to me for a time - and a job I am accountable to Him for how I do. But, I am human and flawed and a time came where I messed up so badly that it tore all of our lives apart forever. As mother, I ache to be able to go back and undo this time so that everyone would be alright.

I often tell them how sorry I am. Their response is always that they would not change it! I still can't hardly get my mind around that, seeing the carnage in their innocent lives and knowing they will deal with this daily until their father and I are gone, and likely long after that. They have opened their hearts to me and firmly told me that they would not undo this event because it is part of what has made them who they are. It has been used by God to make them more useful in His service and to produce fruit in their lives.


I pray one day I will reach that point of maturity in my Lord. It's much easier to know He forgives us than to forgive ourselves, especially when the consequences of that sin are ever before us and we must watch those we love live with those consequences too. Their way of looking at this subject gives one a much happier and healthier life than being bitter or feeling sorry for yourself about the bad things that happen to you.

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