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Who could look at a baby and not know in their hearts that this is life and the creation of an almighty God? The moment an egg is fertilized, a baby is created and starts the maturing process that will result in tears of joy in nine months. This process isn't any different from the maturing process that changes that new born baby into a wrinkled old man who then returns to dust. They are all alive, even though their appearances change as time goes on. We all know this in our hearts, but many have let selfishness and evil social agendas muffle their consciences.

If you don't want the baby you have conceived, there are MANY who do want it. There are also many organizations who will help you through the pregnancy and arrange for good parents to raise your child and give it a good life. Why would you not do this? It is the ultimate in selfishness to kill your innocent child just because you didn't want to be further "inconvenienced" or possibly change your waistline. How does that stack up to murdering a human being? God's Word is very clear about this.

Yes, there is forgiveness for those of us who have committed this sin, our Heavenly Father loves you and wants you to come to Him for forgiveness and salvation, so that you can be with Him forever and He can heal the pain in your heart that killing your own baby leaves. He alone can heal this pain.

I didn't make this baby. I found it on the web, but don't have credits for it. I have added the rest and made the button. If the creator of the baby sees this and is upset, please write me. I'm not trying to take credit for it. It does make a wonderful button for "Choose Life"!

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