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Today I'd like to share another morsel from The Noticer by Andy Andrews. He proposes that those of us who worry or fear are doing so because God made us smart. He says "dumber" people don't worry much and aren't generally afraid. He says smart people are more creative and imaginative than dumb ones.

Then he gets to a very interesting perspective - worry and fear are just a misuse of the creative imagination that has been placed in all of us. "Because we are smart and creative, we imagine all the things that could happen, that might happen, that will happen if this or that happens." Wow. This I need to think on. Worry and fear are just a misuse of the creative imagination that has been placed in all of us.

Then he illustrates the lack of worry and fear in the "dumb" by saying: "You've seen the TV shows. The only thing crazier than the guy that says, 'Watch this!' is the guy that says, 'Heck, I can do that!"

He says that, "When doubts and fears assail us, we subconsciously calculate the possibilities." "Soon we are paralyzed by the idea that disaster is imminent" to the point we can't function and jobs and relationships dissolve. "We have immagined our way to self-destruction."

He suggests that instead of calculating the possible bad things that could happen we should "calculate the odds of an event occurring and eliminate it as even a remote possibility in our life." He says that 40% of the things we worry about never happen. "30% of the things we worry about have already happened-in the past." No amount of worrying can change that. 12% are needless worries about health. 10%are worries about what others think and we can't do anything about that. That leaves 8% for legitimate concerns. "Most people spend so much time fearing things that never happen or can't be controlled which leaves them no energy to deal with the few things they could actually handle." He recommends making lists of things we are grateful for.

He points out it's our own imaginations we are battling. "Worry is focus on the wrong things." "Focus on what can be controlled. And you will no longer be sad or worried. You will be grateful! After all, the seeds of depression cannot take root in a grateful heart."
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