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Well, it's Christmas Eve! I pray you are with loved ones and that you reflect on the amazing most wonderful gift man has ever received, the Savior of the world - Jesus Christ. He was born of God to a virgin, but He isn't a babe in a manger any more! He was God in flesh as He grew up experiencing life as we do so He could be a compassionate High Priest, interceding for us always before God the Father. He freely gave His life on the cross to pay for our sins, but He isn't hanging there any more! He is risen from the dead, ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of God the Father in all power and splendor! There was indeed an amazing star and host of angels hearlding His birth, but there will be an even more amazing scene in the skies when He returns - the sky will be rolled back as a scroll and the trump will sound and with the shout of the arch angel the Lord will descend and the dead in Christ will rise and then those of us who are His and are alive will rise to meet Him in the air and we will ever more be with Him! And woe to those who are not in this number. The wrath of God will be meeted out to all that have not given their lives to Jesus as their Savior.

The message of this season is the birth of God Himself, the Creator, coming to live in human form on the earth, but that is far from the whole story. Tonight, reflect and seek God about the rest of the story. Be sure you make your life right with Him before you go to bed and then wake tomorrow to a new life in Christ and have a WONDERFUL Christmas! God bless you every one!

If you need more information about how to get saved, download anything on this site (free) and it's included in your download and God bless you!

I have a fantastic Christmas gift for you - everything in the store, all 70 kits, are 50% off (except the Shimmering Angel Special Combo Pack and Rejoice/Penguin World Special Combo Pack which are already greatly reduced)! Minimum purchase must be at least $1. Perfect for those last minute gifts and projects! Just e-mail the list of kit names you want to and I'll send you a PayPal invoice. As soon as you pay, I e-mail you the download links! Don't miss this fantastic opportunity and please support the work of this blog with your purchases. Merry Christmas!I made this sale graphic using my newest kit, Glamorous New Year. Glamorous New Year is a sparklingly elegant "black tie" kit of 54 pieces for any formal layouts, proms, weddings, anniversaries, and of course, New Years. Unique elements include gowns, tuxes, cake, word arts, party hat, a mask and confetti and star the preview below for a complete list and Buy It Now Button.

Today's gift is another part of my new Shimmering Angel Kit. Shimmering Angel is a HUGE kit of the most elegant and sparkly things! It was so gorgeous that I made another huge kit, Shimmering Angel 2, to go with it. Use these gorgeous kits as the silver you see or you can recolor every single item to your own taste! That makes these kits infinitely customizable and an unbelievable value at $7.99 each. I am giving away a piece a day, but will not be giving away the entire kit.

Since so many of you are loving Shimmering Angel, I have a fabulous SPECIAL for you! You can now receive both kits for only $12 at my PayPal Store, saving $4! Instant download! Click SPECIAL image to enlarge. Click Buy It Now Button below the preview to purchase the SPECIAL.

If you don't want the SPECIAL and only want to buy one of the kits, click the two kit images to go to their full details and Buy It Now Buttons.

Full details and credits for Shimmering Angel here and Shimmering Angel 2 here or click their images.

Here's another very SPECIAL OFFER to help you celebrate Christmas! Receive both Rejoice and Penguin World together for only $10 (saving $4) and also receive this adorable 30 piece Add On kit as a bonus! And as always, I'm giving you a gift to sample the kits - enjoy! Click image to enlarge. Click Buy It Now Button below the the preview to purchase the entire bunch for only $10!

If you don't want the SPECIAL and only want to buy one of the kits, click the two kit images to go to their full details and Buy It Now Buttons.
Full details and credits for Rejoice here and Penguin Word here or click their images.

If you download, please leave me a comment at the bottom of this post as I have disabled 4shared comments. This helps me to know what you like for the future and please support this blog by shopping my PayPal store. God bless you!
Download here for 24 hours. The full kit is available in my store now.
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