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I've been so excited working on this gorgeous mega kit of over 275 pieces for a long time and seeking God as to what to do with it. He has laid it on my heart for now to give it away free to everyone who uses my "donate" button below and donates $10 or more for Haiti Earthquake Relief and the proceeds will be sent to the Love A Child mission in Haiti to help those in such great need. Just type "Haiti" and your e-mail address in the note field when you give at PayPal and I'll e-mail you the SIX download links for this amazing kit. Let's really give our best here and I'll keep you all posted with what we've been able to raise.

You can check out Love A Child at and see the wonderful work they do there. My husband and I have supported them for many years and they are most worthy. They love, house and educate orphans in Haiti and provide medical care, food and more to many many more in the name of our dear Savior Jesus Christ. Giving to this organization not only will help relieve the suffering from this terrible disaster, but will be giving the people a chance at life eternal through Jesus. If you investigate this ministry you will see a man and his wife living humbly, working selflessly in a foreign country for many many years and keeping nothing for themselves. There are no mansions, private jets or fancy cars here. Just genuine servants of the Most High God reaching out to the helpless and hurting. They give themselves. They don't glut themselves with our financial gifts to the ministry which were meant for others.

My Woman's Heart is a true MEGA KIT with more than 275 gorgeous and delicate pieces! There's plenty to make a large book! It even has four full alphas, two of which are charms! There is everything from bead scatters, overlays, word arts, glitter, stitches, ethereal butterflies, and ribbon wraps to shaped text and metal word signs - even a QP overlay you can use on any paper! I adore the colors and details are just fabulous! Click the image to enlarge. There's a full list of contents under the preview image. Today I'm giving you a part of the kit to sample.

MY WOMAN'S HEART 275 pieces

4 Alphas including:
2 Charm Alphas Capitals & Numbers
2 Alphas Upper & Lower, Numbers, Punct.
61 Papers including:
2 Satin Brocade Papers
1 Tinsel Paper
1 Foil Paper
7 Crumpled Paper Bag Papers
2 Damask Floral Papers
12 Glitter Accent Papers
4 Birch Bark
19 Butterflies including:
6 Irridescent Butterflies
6 Irridescent Butterflies w/Pearl Bodies
1 Irridescent Butterfly w/Glitter Border
6 Irridescent Butterflies w/Glitter Borders & Pearl Bodies
1 Butterfly Glitter Border
1 Pearl Butterfly Body
1 Pendant Frame on Ribbon
1 Bead Scatter
1 10” Glitter Splat
1 6.5“ Glitter Circle Frame
5 Glitter Splats
4 Clusters
78 Metal Word Signs
6 Glitter Overlays (4 are 12")
2 12" Confetti Borders
14 Flowers including:
2 Paper Bag & Pearl Flowers
2 Rose of Sharon Bud Clusters
2 Rose of Sharon Blossoms
2 Rose of Sharon Blossom Clusters
3 Stargazer Lilies
2 Butterfly Wing Flowers
1 White Flower
4 6.8” Glitter Ribbons
4 Glittery Ribbon/Bow Wraps
2 Stitch Rows
6 Padded Brocade Book Frames
1 12” Word Art Frame
1 Chandelier
1 Chair
1 Worn Card
4 Metal Frames
3 String Bows
1 Bracket Frame
3 Glitter Bars
4 Tags
10 Buttons
2 Hearts
1 Open Box
5 Crumpled Paper Leaves
1 Stem
3 Bead Hearts
5 Pearls including:
1 Light Pearl
1 Dark Pearl
1 Purple Pink Pearl
2 Glitter Accent Pearls
1 Gold Heart Locket
2 Confetti Swirls
1 Block of Real Granite
7 Word Arts
2 Text Overlays (1 is 12")
1 Glitter Lace Overlay
3 Floral Overlays
8" Glitter Swirl
1 Full Page Frame, Word Art Overlay Cluster

Example LOs - click to enlarge:2 Page LOs:
Buttons &; Chandelier & Chair; WA Beads by; Circle & Bracket; Stitch

If you download, please leave me a comment at the bottom of this post as I have disabled 4shared comments. This helps me to know what you like for the future and please support this blog by shopping my PayPal store. God bless you!
Download here for a limited time, then available in my store. If you can't find it, e-mail me. Check out my TERMS OF USE here.
The password is jesuschristislord.

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  • crawbabe
    January 17, 2010 at 8:57 PM  

    Hi Lynette, hope you're doing well today. I donated for the Haiti cause for the Mega kit, I recieved the links but not the password or passwords?? I've emailed you several times since yesterday are you not getting them? Please send passwords ASAP. Thanking you in advance once again.

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