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Ever missed a miracle? Shocking but you can!

Recently I was talking with a sister-in-Christ who is beset by countless very serious health problems. We have prayed for her for so long and her phone calls have new problems almost daily. In truth, I have become a bit overwhelmed in my heartbreak for this dear woman. She keeps such a good attitude and I respect her so, but long for God to heal her.

The other day she was giving me another update. She'd had the test on her heart to show if she needed open heart surgery or not and where the blockage was. She'd previously had other tests, blood tests and such, that showed she did have another blockage, but now this new test showed definitively no blockages. She said she was told that her other conditions did not explain why the first tests showed signs of blockage.

I was having a hard time fitting all the pieces together. Something seemed off somehow. Typing it here it's clear what happened, but on the phone, amongst all the new bad news, it wasn't. We were thinking "it's nice she doesn't have to have open heart surgery", but in the midst of everything else majorly wrong with her, it just didn't hit us.

I kept repeating the facts back to her to see if I had it straight. Then all of a sudden it hit me...she had tests previously that showed she had another blockage and needed surgery. Those wrong numbers cannot be explained by her other problems. This new test (angiogram?) shows no blockage...God healed her! Because there is still so much wrong with her we almost missed it, but she has the medical proof of the healing, it just hadn't sunk in yet-to either of us!

For most of us, being miraculously healed from the need for open heart surgery would be cause for great joy and praising God. See how easily we can "miss" our miracles?

It's so easy to pray for something and then when we get it, fail to realize it and praise God for it and tell others of His mighty works. Don't miss a miracle!

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