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Everything is a matter of perspective. This is good news when we face difficulties. That means we have the ability to improve how we experience hard times by simply changing our perspective. Consciously deciding to change how we think about it.

Example: I'm sitting here working in front of a window in dreamy bliss for the second day in a row watching delicate snowflakes drift lazily to an almost white ground. Here in the Deep South, if we have a snow, it's over and melted before you can get a jacket on to go out to play in it! So, two days of this beauty is extraordinary and a blessing to drink in. To top it off for me, I haven't taken Christmas down yet (I'm writing this post on the 7th) and I was awestruck by the reflection of my lit tree in the window looking out on a white back yard garden last night! Christmas with snow for the first time since we moved south!

On the other hand, my darling Deep Southern Blossom youngest daughter who moved far away last October moved immediately into freezing her sweet self and snow...endless snow. Where she stayed till a short while ago had 4" gap to the outside and no amount of blankets helped. She is stunned that it snows endlessly and doesn't melt between snows at all. I have to laugh because I was a northern girl till we moved south when she was 2.

Perspective! ... and the fact mine will be gone very soon and hers won't! LOl! That'll teach her to move far away! :) All said in jest. I'm very proud of my girls consistently going where they believe our Lord wants them to serve, no matter the personal cost. God bless them and their service to Him.

Today I'm giving you the second frame cluster made from my Rejoice and Ribbon Wraps Kits. Both kits are available in the store. Rejoice. Ribbon Wraps.
If you download, please leave me a comment at the bottom of this post as I have disabled 4shared comments. This helps me to know what you like for the future and please support this blog by shopping my PayPal store. God bless you!
Download here for a limited time, then available in my store. If you can't find it, e-mail me. Check out my TERMS OF USE here.
The password is jesuschristislord.

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5 comments: to “ Rejoice_RibbonWrapAddOn2_by_LynettesPhotoArt

  • Anonymous
    January 13, 2010 at 10:49 PM  

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  • Keryn
    January 13, 2010 at 11:10 PM  

    Hi Lynette, sorry I haven't been visiting of late - haven't been on the computer that much. My laptop met with an accident Christmas Day so have been waiting for the insurance company to settle the claim and have been using my PC.

    Thank you for today's present. Hopefully I'll be around a bit more.

    Hugs, Keryn

  • deltalady6
    January 13, 2010 at 11:36 PM  

    I was thinking a few days ago about snow. Since I'm in Alberta, Canada where we sometimes have snow from October to May, I thought isn't it great that God made snow beautiful? I can't imagine how hard winters would be if it were ugly! Thanks for the frame & hugs!

  • Anonymous
    January 14, 2010 at 12:40 AM  

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  • Anonymous
    January 15, 2010 at 9:18 AM  

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