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When I say "I am a Christian" I'm not bragging of success.
I'm admitting I have failed and need God to clean my mess.

Now before I give you your gift for today I have something new and SO exciting for you!
Because you have come here for my scrapbooking goodies, I figure you make photo books just like me. I have published lots of books through several different on line publishers and it's been largely a very frustrating experience. I recently found a company I hadn't used before and I'm SO EXCITED about it that I have to share it with you! I have refused to advertise on this blog because it's not in keeping with the blog's mission, but this I see as a service and I hope you will try it out. It will not only bless you, but by clicking the Mixbook advertisements on this blog and making and buying photo books you will also be helping support this blog.

So what's so different at Mixbook? The most exciting thing for me is that all of us who do 2-page layouts can upload a .PNG so we don't loose quality and then spread it over two pages! No more guessing at allowances and cutting our layouts in two to upload!!!! And here are lots more reasons that put Mixbook way above the rest:

  • Well, for starters, you can use .PNG files and upload your own decorations to add to ready made templates!!!!!
  • It is the fastest, easiest interface I've found and I'm in love!
  • They have lightning fast e-mail customer service that actually reads your questions and answers them helpfully and the shock of that alone is stunning!
  • The books have SEWN seams, not glued that won't last the test of time!
  • Hold on to your seat - you can invite friends and family to contribute to the book!
  • Changing the order of pages has never been faster and easier!
  • They have sets of stickers you can drag and drop with each theme and customizable shapes! You can even resize them all!
  • You can instantly mix every element of every theme in any book by using the "change theme" button. It only changes the elements available to you for that one page!
  • The easy to use options for every image is staggering - reflections, frames, shadows even opacity and they are all fully adjustable - a lot like in PhotoShop! There's even an "apply to all" button to save time!
  • You can spread one image across two pages!
  • You can duplicate pages!
  • You can layer images and move them in front or behind others!
  • You can quickly and easily size and rotate images and add text anywhere you want.
  • Change your colors with an eyedropper, picker or code!
  • Oh, and this one is big - this is the ONLY publisher that offers ready made books (you just slip your pictures in) that are so gorgeous that I want to use them instead of making all my own! They have Christmas, a Winter and a Valentine themed books that I adore and an unbelievable Military Heroes book! It has pages for every branch of service and they even ship to APO and FPO addresses! They've even got a Pregnancy Journal, School and sport yearbooks! You can click to have them build you the entire book, and then you can change each element on every page - they aren't fixed templates!
  • You can quickly and easily preview theme books with the click of a button.
  • They offer a huge variety of sizes and shapes starting at just $6.99! I adore that they offer 8.5 x 8.5" - so much nicer than 8x8s!
  • You can add your own backgrounds and still use all their other features (layouts, stickers, etc.).
  • And when you've finished your book - you won't believe this - you can get code to share a cute animated copy of your book on your site!!!!
  • I'm not done yet - you can quickly and easily import all your images from your Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, Yahoo Search, Photobucket and SmugMug accounts!
  • I love that their interface has eliminated the annoying, time wasting steps required in other large on line publishers.
  • You can work in full screen view to see better, also in single or double page view.
  • And I figured all this out almost instantly and without having to read pages of directions - it's so simple! The issues I didn't immediately understand I e-mailed Customer Service and received perfect answers within an hour or so!!! No learning curve here!
I just have to share some screen shots of my fav theme books! Here's Military Heroes:
Family History:
Family Recipes:
Summer Splash:
I'll be leaving the store link at the top of the right column for your convenience and here's one below. Under it are buttons for temporary promotions - 30% off ending the 27th and free shipping with your first order! Don't miss them!

Make a family photo book quickly and easily

Join Mixbook and receive FREE SHIPPING

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