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This world, movies, TV, music, the media, books, even schools, tell us that it is fame, riches and power that we should seek. That this is what makes a good life. Our Lord tells us the truth, it is vanity, futility and lies.

  • "How long will you love vanity and futility and seek after lies? Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]!
  • But know that the Lord has set apart for Himself [and given distinction to] him who is godly [the man of loving-kindness]. The Lord listens and heeds when I call to Him." Psalm 4:2,3
He has set those apart who give their lives to Him. He has given us honor, not worldly honor which is worthless and fleeting, but honor in Him. And He listens and heeds our prayers. This is what makes a good life and a good eternity!

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