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When Christ died and rose from the dead to establish His church here on earth, it was 100% about God. It was to spread His truth that souls might be saved and freed from the bondage of sin. It was to exalt God above all else. It was to bring glory to His name and worship Him alone. It was to DO HIS WILL. It wasn't about us.

If you look at the Christian church as a whole today, you will see that man has completely turned it all completely around. It is ALL ABOUT MAN now.

  • It's all about programs to make it fun and effortless for man to go to church. He tells us that if He isn't first in our lives above all else, then we aren't worthy to follow Him. He is worthy of all our effort!
  • It's about making man as comfortable as possible so we aren't too put out about coming "to worship". First century Christians sat on dirt and rock outside without protection from the weather for the honor of hearing His words. Comfort and ease are condemned in the Word of God as sinful living and that's what we promote in our churches.
  • Let's even serve food and drink to further minister to man's flesh justifying it as a way to entice him to "church" - even have it in the sanctuary where we are supposedly there to worship and encounter the Most High God of the Universe. No wonder He doesn't "show up" in His precious manifested presence - people would spill their hot coffee and burn themselves!
  • We aren't giving the unvarnished Word of God with the power of salvation that our consciences might be convicted and we repent and live righteously.
  • The message that is to convict and instruct us to godly life now is entertainment both in music, dramas and message, preaching permission from man to violate God's laws just so our flesh can be happy for a season - lying to us that this way of life won't send us to hell eternally.
  • Others do our singing for us when the Word of God says all Christians are to "sing and make melody to God" from our hearts. That's not just "singing", but from our hearts! Those who worship Him must worship "in spirit and in truth".
  • In many assemblies we even suffer permanent hearing loss under the idiotic false belief that "louder is holier". God told us to take care of the temple (which now is our physical bodies), so it isn't ok with Him that His people are permanently damaged under the guise of "worship".
  • We don't need "song leaders". We need people who actually worship "in spirit and in truth" and help lead us into the holy presence of Almighty God. And just calling oneself a "praise and worship leader" doesn't mean anything.
  • Even the salvation message has been perverted to be all about us rather than all about God and His love, faithfulness, mercy and righteousness.
Is your "worship" worth anything at all or are you just fooling yourself? You aren't fooling God. He will not be mocked. Put nothing into your worship and you will get nothing out of it. Live this life to please yourself and you are not pleasing the judge who will determine your eternal destination one day not so far off. Is it really in your best interest to sit under teachers you have accumulated to "tickle your ears" and say what you want to hear and spend eternity burning in hell away from our beloved God? The choice is yours alone. If you aren't going to get real in your Christian walk and fully give your life to Him, there's no point in your "going to church" and giving those mockeries of "churches" your money. Might as well stay home and spend it on yourself because being part of such churches has no connection with eternal life with God through Jesus Christ who thought YOU were worth HIS EFFORT!

Stop being a hypocrite. Either truly repent of your sins with your whole heart and give your life to God through His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ and obey His Holy Word or don't and stop thinking you can pretend your way into heaven while the fake Christianity you support sends countless souls to hell.

NOTE: I just want to thank the few of you who take a moment to post me and give you a giant hug! It means so much to me and THANK YOU and God bless you and yours an extra portion!

Today I'm giving you the next of a dozen beautiful Pattern Overlays. Each day I'm giving you a different overlay to download, but the preview picture will stay the same to save time and space. The papers in the preview give you some ideas of what you can do with them. Click image to enlarge. Here are some possibilities:

1. Use as an overlay and change the blend modes and

2. Select the black or white areas of the overlay and
make a layer of it then, clip a paper of your choice to it.
You can put a different paper under it and play with
blend modes.

3. Select the black or white area of the overlay and
then fill with a different color, pattern or gradient.

4. Select the black or white area of the overlay and
make a layer of it, then apply a layer style to it.
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Download here for 24 hours, then available in my store. If you can't find it, e-mail me. Check out my TERMS OF USE here.
The password is jesuschristislord.
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