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Recently we have been addressing popular doctrines. Here's another.

Often these days I encounter Christians who have loved ones who are living completely worldly lives contrary to the Word of God and have never made the personal choice to repent of their sins with all their hearts and taken Jesus Christ as their Savior, committing to live lives in submission to Him till they die. The doctrine comes in when these Christians passionately declare that their loved ones are "fine" because at some previous time, perhaps even childhood, someone who called themself a prophet prophesied over them some great thing in the Lord. They believe that because of this, the loved one is safe.

Leaving the issue of whether that person was truly a prophet of the Most High God or not, the Bible is very clear that salvation ONLY occurs when there is a conscious personal choice to obey the plan of salvation the way God has laid it out for us in His Holy Word, the Bible. One MUST repent of all of our sins, that is everything that is contrary to God's word in the Bible. One MUST believe that Jesus Christ is His only begotten Son and our Savior. One MUST ask Jesus to be their Savior and commit to live for Him, obeying His Word in the Bible for the rest of our lives. Then we are commanded to be immersed in water baptism in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We have been bought with a price and cannot pick and choose which of His commands we obey.

God indeed has plans for each person He creates. He wants every one of us to come to repentance and be saved and then fulfill the good plans He has for us. But He made us creatures of free will choice. No one will be saved against their will! Each of us chooses heaven or hell either by actively choosing or simply doing nothing. God doesn't send us to hell, we choose to go by not obeying His plan of salvation and living faithfully until death.

It is entirely possible that the prophesies over these individuals might have been true, but they are only glimpses into what God wants for that person. He does not force His will on us. If each of us does not choose to come to Him for salvation and then follow Him faithfully, His will for us does not ever happen, but rather the life course we have chosen for ourselves. We reap the fruit of what we sow.

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