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I just saw a report on 20/20 on TV that we really need to pray against. The Word of God tells us that man will become more and more evil as the end approaches. He tells us that man won't endure sound doctrine, but will acquire teachers that will tickle their ears. He tells us that man's conscience will be seared because he rejects the truth of God and His only Son, Jesus Christ. So this is should be no surprise, but we of the household of faith need to pray against this and all evil.

People like to believe that certain evils no longer exist because it's easier that way and allows us to be lazy Christians, luke warm and impotent, useless in God's service. One of those things is Christians being martyred. In truth, more Christians are tortured and killed for our faith each year now than in all the early years of Christianity put together. But that is not our topic today.

Another great evil we like to believe no longer happens is experiencing a great resurance of popularity in Uganda today. An unthinkable evil. The last two years there has been a growing segment of the population who are practicing human sacrifice of children. Authorities believe that it has been fueled by the rise in popularity of Nigerian movies featuring it and teaching that it will make one wealthy. They teach a child's innocence makes their organs powerful for good luck and wealth.

People are killing their own children for child sacrifice, even killing them themselves and others kidnap children, even their neighbor's children for this. Many are beheaded and the skulls and other organs are being buried the foundations of new buildings as "good luck talismans" to make the owners rich. Either way, it is being done for one reason, money. The one who provides the child is doing it for the money they are paid. The one who pays the money for the child to sacrifice is doing it believing they will get even more money from the sacrifice. Truly, the love of money is the root of all manner of evil. 1 Timothy 6:10

The "middle men" are called "healers", an ironic don't you think? It is the "new" name for the "witch doctors". They still "channel the spirits of their dead ancestors" and also perform animal sacrifice.

What else can I say?

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