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What if everyone were as committed a Christian at your fellowship as you are ?

Would there be toilet paper in the bathrooms or would the one who said they'd take care of it have bothered to be sure it was done?

Would there be a class for your child or would the one who said they'd teach be too tired to come or not bothered to have prepared a lesson?

Would there be a class for you or would the teacher have company and not show up?

Would the praise team be able to lead the songs or would they have been too busy to practice or to even show up?

Would there be a sermon presented or would there be a big game on TV?

Would the doors be unlocked when you arrived to worship or would that person have felt a bit under the weather that day?

When you go to a fellowship meal, would there be enough food for everyone, or would they all have left it for someone else to bring?

When you come back the next week, would you find the room a mess because everyone left the clean up for someone else to do?

Would there be VBS for your children when you show up, or would so many of them have not kept their word to work at it that they had to cancel VBS?

As Christians, the Bible commands us to keep our word:

"Therefore, laying aside falsehood, SPEAK TRUTH EACH ONE of you WITH HIS NEIGHBOR, for we are members of one another." Ephesians 4:25

Not lying is one of the Ten Commandments. When we say we will do something and don't do it we have lied. When we make a "commitment" to others, they are depending on us to keep our word, not to let everyone down for no good reason.

What if every Christian were as committed to Christ as you are - would the church's bills be paid, missions funded because everyone gave the whole tithe and offerings as the Bible commands and when you aren't there for a week, you make up the amount you should have given if you'd been there? Or...would the church property be up for sale and the missionaries called home for lack of funds...if everyone were as committed to Christ as you are?

What if every Christian were as committed to Christ as you are - would the lost hear the saving message of Jesus Christ?

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