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Most of us come to an age where we become aware of a world larger than ourselves and the fact that our lives have a time limit. We discover a world full of needs and causes. Given that our time is limited, we should consider which causes are most worthy of investing our time and energy in. Of course, we can give time to more than one cause, but we need to weigh what is most important and focus our energies where they can do the most good.

There are so many good causes, so many needs. My heart goes out to so many of them and I have put my time, labor and money into supporting many of them. But as I weigh where I can make the greatest difference in the lives of others, where I can do the greatest good, the choice becomes clear where the majority of my time needs to be spent, the cause I need to work tirelessly for to benefit others...

I can give you money, but you will need money again.
I can feed you when you are hungry, but you will be hungry again.
I can help provide medical care when you are ill, but you will be ill again.
I can help rebuild your home after a disaster, but it will fall to rubble in time.
I can provide social counseling and opportunities in efforts to improve your life, but you will always have difficulties and needs.
I can plant trees and work to ensure that the natural world survives for our children and grandchildren, but there will come a day that this world ends.
I can campaign to protect women, children and animals from being abused, but it will continue.
I can work against evils in our society, in politics, in the workplace, but they too will continue.
All these things help only for a moment and then they are overshadowed by new needs and are forgotten, no longer of help.

Where can I bring the greatest, longest lasting good to mankind in the limited time I have on this earth?
By giving them something that will change every moment for the rest of their lives - something that will never end and will bless them forever, even after they leave this world...
I can share the way to eternal life with the world.
I can share the fact that God loves us, longs to be with us eternally and has made a way for that to happen through His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.
I can share the truth that unless we repent of our sins and ask Jesus to be our Savior and then live lives of faithful obedience to the World of God in the Bible, there is a sure eternity of hellfire and unending misery, away from the face of God, awaiting every one of us, with no possibility of relief...ever.

I, for one, choose to put my time, my heart, my tears, my prayers, my money, my labor, my life into this cause so that I will have done all in my power to bless this world by time I leave it. I will not water down the truth and tell people they can live as they wish and all will be well, when they too have an immortal soul that will spend eternity either with our beloved Lord or suffering in hell. I will not tell you what you want to hear so that you can delude yourself into thinking everything will be just fine no matter what you believe or do, because I too face a day of accounting and I won't risk hearing that I had a chance to speak truth to you that could have saved you and I didn't. I choose, like Paul, to be able to say:

  • "Therefore, I testify to you this day that I am innocent of the blood of all men. For I did not shrink from declaring to you the whole purpose of God." Acts 20:26, 27
Won't you consider what cause you are spending the precious moments of your life on?

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