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There are SO many insidious ways we can step off that narrow path that leads to heaven. One of the subtle ways we can wake up one day and find our relationship with God has become distant, cold and broken is being in service to Him. What? If you are spending every day serving Him with all your might, how could this happen? It can happen because the very service we render takes time and effort, often a draining amount. We can slip into spending all our time on the "things of God" and little or none actually "with" Him and in our zeal to serve, not even notice the change. Without regular quality time with Him, we are, in effect, causing our umbilical cord with Him to shrivel and ultimately die. Our service to Him may continue, but it is in our flesh, not in His Spirit and we may not even notice the difference for a long time. Our relationship with Him requires continual contact to thrive. It starves and dies without it. We must be vigilant to ask the Holy Spirit to search us and be our guide to proper balance between serving Him and being with Him.

Today I'm giving you a piece from my Watercolor Fantasy Kit to sample. Complete details are here. Click image to enlarge.
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I gave this away earlier, so you might have it already. Download here. Check out my TERMS OF USE here.
The password is jesuschristislord.
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