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Today's thought was sent to me by one of the dear people who follow this blog. It's a powerful and important message and she gave me permission to share it. Thank you Sandi!

"My dad was a minister. He was an amazing man, a terrific father, and my hero in every way. The last 20 years of his ministry was spent in patching up broken churches. He was extremely good at that because he was a man of unfailing integrity, monumental kindness, wisdom non pareil, and tact beyond belief! The page about him i selected to send to you is about a memory i have of going to the grocery store with him when i was in high school - a junior, i think, i loved being with my dad, but on this trip, he embarrassed me as only a HS student can be embarrassed by a Godly father!

The clerk packed our groceries in a box that advertised beer and my dad objected, telling the high school box boy that he would not "advertise for the beer companies" and he wanted the groceries packed in a different box. On the way home i let him know just how embarrassing that was and told him i didn't think it was any big deal because everyone knew he didn't drink. He said, "Do you really expect me to sacrifice my integrity so you are not embarrassed by my values? If I do that, what will I have taught you other than integrity is optional and circumstantial? They are neither, so be prepared to be embarrassed by my from time to time.

That's the quote on the page. It means a lot to me now because that's exactly who my dad was - he was kind, wise, and had an integrity i could count on. He died when i was 22, and not a day goes by that i do not miss him."

Today I'm giving you a piece from my Winter's Natural Basics Kit to sample. Complete details are here. Click image to enlarge.
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