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It's important to know the meaning of the words we use.

An example: It's trendy to say "namaste". It's been on the hit TV show "Lost", the movie "Merry Madagascar" and more. Do you know what it actually means? It means "I bow to the God inside you". Given that the Bible clearly tells us that narrow is the way to salvation and few there are that find it, we know that most of the people we encounter do NOT have the Lord God Almighty living in them. Everyone is serving someone. It is not possible to serve "no one". We either consciously serve the Lord God or by default, we serve satan. When we give our lives to God by taking Jesus Christ as our Savior, He moves us out of the dominion of satan into the kingdom of light. If we were to address someone with the greeting "namaste" and they had any other than the Lord God Almighty living in them, we have just worshiped a false god which is very serious spiritually even if we are ignorant of such things. Even the term "namaste" shows the truth that we all have a "god" in us, either the only real living God or a false god.

Today's gift for you is this adorable Alice In Wonderland made from ribbon that I made from an image I found on the web. Enjoy!
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