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Layouts Using Lynette's Photo Art Kits  

I've been ask to share more of my own layouts, so today I'm going to share some one and two page layouts that have been made using my designs in the store and also tons of the freebies I've given you over this past year and a half. I have linked the kit names so you can just click them to go to their descriptions and Buy It Now Buttons. These are my Boutique Birds and the baby toad from Luscious Jungle (along with others):
This was made with Ribbons 'n' Buttons 'n' Bees, OH MY!This is made with Earth & Sky:This two page layout was made with Grungie Elegance, Tin Frames & Woodbridge: This was made using Peacock Feathers and others:
This one's all my designs:
This was made using items from several of my kits:
Bird - Boutique Birds
Frames - Oval Frames
Papers & Card - Fabulously Worn Cards
Border - Elegant Grunge Frame
Paper Dolls - Buttons, Threads & Paper Dolls
Leaves - Warm Autumn
Ribbon - Oodles of Ribbons

This one uses Thistles, Meadow Life and Fabulously Worn Cards (and others).
This one uses my Ants & Leaves from Warm Autumn, Cutsie Tootsie Mushrooms (and others):
Here's one using Pampering Time and Roses:This layout uses the Coffee Bean frames from Pampering Time (and others).
This one is made with Pandamonium.
I've been asked to show more layouts using my products to give you ideas of how to use them, so here's another...This two page layout was made with Delicate Floral, Glossy Frames, Meadow Life, Jasmine & My Favorite Things:
This is made with Rejoice, Penguin World and Ribbon Wraps:
This was made with Ribbon Flowers, Earth & Sky and Felt Ribbon Flowers:
These two page layouts were made using Foil Papers, Grungie Elegance, Tin Frames, Engraved Heart Charm Alpha & Elegant Grunge Frame: This two page layout was made with Phlox, Apple Blossoms, Harmony Splat Stax & Glamorous New Year (the butterflies are made with the Phlox petals):This is made with Stained Glass Butterflies & Pods 'n' Berries (and others):
These two page layouts are made with Woodbridge:
This frame is in Bunnies & Chicks:
This was made with Marbles, Cutsie Tootsie Alpha, Cutsie Tootsie Mushrooms & Nylon Bows:These were made with Treasured Frames (and others):
This was made with Transparent Elements, Valentine Time & Magnolias:
This was made using Nylon Bows (and others):
This was made with Grungie Goodies:
This two page layout was made with Spring Chicks:
This 8x16 double page layout was made using Glass Tile Alpha:
This layout was made with Elegant Grunge Frame & Template 1:
This is made with Star Swirl Overlays and is available in Valentine Time: This one's made using Luscious Jungle (and frames by those credited on the preview). This two page layout was made using Winter's Natural Basics and Pods 'n' Berries (and others):This one uses Pop Fun and Adorned Brackets (and others credited on the preview).
Here's one made with Spring Chicks:
This two page layout was made with Marbles, Spring Chicks & Watercolor Fantasy:
This two page layout was made with Exquisite Alpha:These are made with My Woman's Heart:
This 2 page layout is made with Lilac Splat Stax & Two Tone Transparent Bead Filled Alpha: These 2 page layouts are made with Lilac Splat Stax:
This was made with Redbuds & Oval Frames:This was made with Stained Glass Butterflies, Oodles of Ribbons, Luscious Jungle, Warm Autumn, Jasmine and Meadow Life:

This was made using Tool Charms:This was made using 2 Tone Transparent Bead Filled Alpha & Jewel Tone Velvets:These are made with Watercolor Fantasy: It’s beautiful the way it is, and a completely different beauty desaturated as in the example shown below. For the desaturated look, make your top layer a Hue & Saturation Adjustment Layer: Master Saturation -32 + Magenta Saturation -47. So soft!These are made with My Favorite Things:
This was made using Meadow Life, Buttons, Threads & Paper Dolls & Pampering Time (and others):This was made using Buttons & Buttons, Threads & Paper Dolls:These were made with Bottle Caps (and others):
This is made with Over the Rainbow:
This one's made from Bright Dreams:This was made using Sparkly Bows:
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