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Ribbon Wraps and a Freebie  

I remember sunrise Easter services growing up and they were nothing short of magical. There were some trees behind the building and we all sat on logs and worshiped. It was marvelous! I adored those and candlelight Christmas services.

My youngest, who moved away in Oct., had a candlelight Christmas service this year, but with a wonderful twist I hadn’t seen before. When they were going to blow the candles out, they did it in order of the newest saved to the longest saved. Everyone saved a year blew out their candles, then two years, etc., until the couple saved the longest in the church was left with their lights shining in the darkness - saved over 50 years! They’d been shining the light of Christ in this world, piercing the darkness and showing the way to eternal life and blessed union with our Creator for the longest.

I find the symbolism of doing it this way very precious and powerful. Such an awesome illustration of our common purpose, our ambassadorships in this world for Christ. Such encouragement to stay faithful and to see what a difference it made in the darkness. It is just awesome and I hope to be part of such a candlelight service myself...a bit like being in heaven on that day, surrounded by the saved!

Today I'm giving you a piece from my Ribbon Wraps Kit to sample. Complete details are here. Click image to enlarge.
These are made with Rejoice, Penguin World and Ribbon Wraps:
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I gave this away earlier, so you might have it already. Download here. Check out my TERMS OF USE here.
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