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Stargazer Lily Kit and a Freebie  

This was written by Pastor Ken Keith:

The prayer list frees us from the notion that the people of God are always the healthy, happy and prosperous ones who turned up for worship today. It reminds us that our community is extended into hospitals, nursing homes, psych wards, the homes of the poor, the relationships we have with other kinds of Christians and the mission we're on together.

The prayer list is a picture of the broken and humbled body of Christ. It has a particular kind of beauty, and I'm glad our church has that prayer list and that we are not too busy to pray for one another.

It's part of my journey these days to pray as hard as I can for those on the list and it gives me great joy to know that when my times comes for real prayers needs, I will get the same back from my "family". These precious people that I love so much will pray for me when it's my turn to be prayed for. Awesome!

Today I'm giving you a piece from my Stargazer Lily Kit to sample. Complete details are here. Click image to enlarge.

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I gave this away earlier, so you might have it already. Download here. Check out my TERMS OF USE here.
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