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Many Christians no longer "going to church" because they have been hurt by another Christian or a church. Often they even blame God. The truth is that God isn't the one who hurt you. Your fellow human beings hurt you. The church is composed completely of flawed human beings just like you. People often hurt others without any intention of doing so at all. Many times we don't even know we've done it. You yourself have hurt others without meaning to. You want them to forgive you, don't you? So do they. Jesus taught us to treat others the way we want to be treated.

God commands us to forgive others their trespasses against us. What is it about being hurt by another Christian that voids that command? Did He say we were to forgive only those outside His body? No. He commands us to do good first to the body of Christ, and then to the world. It was a blanket commandment for how we are to live our lives, in constant forgiveness just as Christ forgave us on the cross. Is your grievance really worse than that Christ suffered on the cross?

When teaching His apostles how to pray, He deemed it important enough to put right at the beginning of the prayer that God will forgive us our sins just as we forgive others their sins against us. Clearly, if we don't forgive others, then God does not forgive us and we don't make it to heaven.

What about getting our feelings hurt voids God's commandment to gather with the brethren and worship on the Lord's day and to be in submission to church leadership which means we also gather whenever they decide to have services in addition to the Lord's day. He commanded this for our good, teaching us that the enemy can so much more easily pick us off when we are alone.

The truth is that when we hug our hurts to ourselves and withdraw from church, we are listening to the devil and doing exactly what he wants. We are cutting our own noses off despite our faces. And the truth is also that you are nothing special - we've all been hurt by other Christians and by churches. So what. Grow up, pick up your cross and follow Jesus. It isn't about our petty feelings. Thank God that Jesus didn't live like that or we'd still have no way to avoid an eternity in hell. We are told to conform our lives to that of Christ and He modeled a lifestyle of forgiveness. We must also. And it's a much happier way to live than in bitter unforgiveness. I'm sorry you have been hurt. I apologize for whoever hurt you. Please come back. We need you - and you need us.

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Today's gift for you is this amazing Tooth Fairy made of ribbon that I made from an image I found on the web. Enjoy! I personally can't wait to use it! Big hugs to whoever put the image up!
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