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It might take me a moment to lay the groundwork today, so I hope you'll keep reading.

  • People think of God's Word as a list of things you can't do that will keep you from many happy things in this life and because of this belief, most never come to Him for salvation.
  • Switching directions here - hang on - The entertainment industry, books, movies, TV, everything offered to us for "entertainment", has one common theme. They believe that to get us to want their product, (and give them money), they must create story lines of constant drama, with deeply wrenching story lines that all intertwine with great human carnage.
  • They all do it the same way. Almost all entertainment has the one same theme. Only one. Whether comedy, drama or horror, they all have the same theme on the most basic level.
  • Ready? They break God's laws. That's it. Almost all entertainment is based on the results of breaking God's laws. The drama, the comedy, the horror, even the love stories are almost always nothing but tales of the results of breaking God's laws.
  • There should be a very powerful message to us from this. If almost all the grief portrayed in entertainment is a result of breaking God's laws, then by obeying them, we can have happy, fulfilled, almost trauma-free lives.
  • We see that His laws are for our good, because He loves us and wants us to have great lives here, not ones so tangled and choked with consequences and results of our sins that there is no way out.
Our loving Father has provided us with an instruction manual for a good life here and a fabulous life after this one - the Holy Bible. Let's read it, pray for God to guide us and help us obey Him that we might avoid all the horrid things that people all around us are going through!

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