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Clematis 7 by Lynette's Photo Art  

Little Boo loves people food, but it makes her tiny 4.5 lb. body so sick and in very icky ways. She wants it SO badly. She sits right next to me as I eat on the sofa, just inches from my plate. She could lunge and get it (she's so fast). She could bark and whine and make a nuisance of herself. But she sits humbly and silently pleads with her eyes looking from me to the food and back, over and over again, imploring me.

I love my BooBoo! SO MUCH! I want to fill her life with every good thing and I don't want to withhold any good thing from her, especially knowing her life here is so brief (being a dog). I can't let her have her heart's desire because although she will be happy for a moment if I give it to her, she will suffer after and sometimes for several days. How I wish I could explain this to her so she would not feel unloved and deprived. But I can't. She does not understand. I can only hope she rests in my love and trusts me.

As a Christian, we humbly come to our Father in Heaven and lay our deepest heartfelt petitions before Him. His Word says that if we are His and ask "in accordance with His will", He will grant it. When we don't get what we asked for, we think, I wasn't aggressive and irreverent. I didn't rudely try to command Him to fulfill my prayers. I didn't whine and cry and make a nuisance of myself. I humbly came to Him and respectfully laid my heart's desires before Him. Yet, nothing.

We know He is omnipotent, all seeing and all knowing. We know nothing is too great for Him to do. We have tried so hard to ask with proper hearts, in proper ways and we truly believe we are asking in His will. So why?

He loves you SO MUCH! He wants to fill your life with every good thing and He doesn't want to withhold any good thing from you, especially knowing your life here is so brief (being a human). He can't let you have your heart's desire because although you will be happy for a moment if He grants your prayer, it will not be what's best for you and you will suffer. How He wishes you could understand this so you would not feel unloved and deprived. But you can't. You do not understand as His thoughts are too high for you. He hopes you will rest in His love and trust Him.

Today I'm giving you a flower from my Grungy Clematis Kit that goes with my Pop Fun Kit perfectly! Enjoy!
This is a two page layout made using Pop Fun and Adorned Brackets (others credited on the preview).
Here's your freebie!
Part of the pattern on the alpha in this kit is from

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