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Love Frame Cluster by Lynette's Photo Art  

God is so cool! He works in such amazing ways...and sometimes sooooo funny!

My daughter just called and shared this: A co-worker who she really cares about had just told her that despite my daughter's efforts, she had decided to have an abortion. At home, my daughter was crying in the bathroom for the soon to be murdered innocent child and the parents who were making this choice. After a long time of crying, she felt something on her foot. When she looked, her kitten had been to the litter and not everything fell off... there were two kitten poops on the side of her foot and a smear of poop across it where the kitten had drug herself trying to get clean! Tears turned to laughter realizing what an awesome God we serve who so tenderly brought relief to her aching soul in such a comical way. Isn't He wonderful!!! God - You rock!

In honor of God's immeasurable love for us, today's gift is a frame cluster adorned with translucent hearts. Enjoy!
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1 comments: to “ Love Frame Cluster by Lynette's Photo Art

  • deltalady6
    August 14, 2010 at 1:39 AM  

    So sad for your daughter's friend! We had to wait 26 months to adopt - there are so many like us out there who would love a baby! Hugs! And thank you for the lovely frames.

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