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Another Free Alpha  

God teaches me so many things through our little baby Boo. She turned two today! We have praised God and marveled at the amazing blessing He has given us in her, how He soothed the pain and loss with her quirky looks and adorable personality. He keeps His word and changes ashes to beauty for those who love and serve Him faithfully. We just have to wait on His timing.

So, baby Boo is only 4.5 lbs and only a couple of inches tall. She wanted held almost the entire time I've been home today, but finally, I simply had to do the dishes. I had to put my sweet baby down so I could wash dishes. She was sad too. I had a new idea...I pulled a chair up next to me at the sink so she could be closer and see more. It was a new thing for me to tell her to get "up" on this chair and surely in this place, but it wasn't higher than she regularly jumps. I kept encouraging her to come "up" and be with me, but she tucked her tail under and slunk away with a frightened look back at me. I've never seen this before. I let her go and started washing.

I was thinking, I have prepared the way for you, everything is in place, you just have to come, take the step, but you won't and I can't make you choose to.

Immediately my mind filled with the fact that God too has prepared a way for mankind, lost in sin, to come to Him, to be safe forever and with Him, like I was doing for Boo. He has put everything in place for us to come. He sent His only begotten son, Jesus Christ, to live as a human, teach us and be an example for us, then to give His very life in the most horrible way, that He might pay our sin debt, a debt we all owe and none of us can pay. He's done everything for us. All we have to do is choose to heed His invitation and come to Him, repent of our sins and take Jesus as our Savior, then be immersed in water baptism, and we will be saved and can spend eternity with Him. But He won't MAKE us choose to come to Him.

Sadly, most people, like baby BooBoo, when invited to draw near, turn and slink away, to their doom. Please don't be one of those people today, but heed His beckoning to you, the one He loves. Be saved today!

Today's gift is another free alpha - hope you can use it!

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