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The devil isn't as concerned with keeping one individual from being saved as he is about keeping those who are saved from being effective warriors and servants in God's kingdom. That way he's lost only one soul (the one who was saved), but by getting that Christian to be ineffective in spreading the Gospel of Salvation, countless other souls will still be his in the end.

What is your focus as a Christian?

It should be on bringing souls to Christ that they might be saved. Nothing else.

It breaks my heart to keep meeting precious Christians so passionate about God and serving Him that they actually cry telling us that they just can't find a church. They long to work in His kingdom, but "can't find a church". They have listened to the devil's beckoning them to become offended by unimportant issues in the church, things that don't save souls, and as a result, they can't find anywhere to worship that they are happy with and they end up alone. Each sheep is much easier for the enemy to pick off when they are alone and not in the flock under God appointed loving pastors watching out for their souls. In the end, these Christians may end up so discouraged and disillusioned that they loose their salvation too and the devil has won all the way around.

The enemy of our souls can tell who really loves the Lord deeply and passionately and wants to serve Him versus those who just "get saved" and camp out on a pew thinking that will get them to heaven - they are no threat to the devil at all. He wants these people most of all because if they follow God's Word and become the powerful warriors and fishers of men that God wants them to be, they will bring many to salvation in Jesus Christ. By tempting them into thinking that issues like, how people dress at church or which translation of the Bible is used are so important that they focus on them instead of souls and salvation, they have just disarmed themselves in the fight. They are useless and have actually become a hindrance in the Body of Christ instead of the soul winners He saved them to be.

Be very careful about who you are listening to. Stay so continually in prayerful union with your God that you recognize your enemy's voice when he beckons you to become offended by unimportant/non-salvation issues in your church and lure you away from being used by your God.

One last thought -
Recently we met one such precious couple that we instantly loved, so passionate for God and longing for a church to serve Him in, but they proudly told us that if a "hippy" were to come into church, they should be made to leave. This hit me extra hard as my youngest daughter had just shared a powerful story with me about her personal experience teaching Bible class at her church last week.

A man dropped his 5 yr. old in her class. He had a large tatoo necklace and was overall quite threatening in appearance and she doesn't scare easily, but there was an out of place sparkle in his eyes. As class went on, the little boy was vocal and mature beyond his age. When she said that Jesus was God's only son, he said no, that God had two sons! As she started explaining to him when he interrupted correcting himself saying oh, that's right, he was an angel! As class went on she mentioned Jesus living in our hearts as believers. His eyes got big as saucers. How could he do that? Haven't you heard that before? No! She explained. The class was studying the Lord's Supper/Communion so she was covering how we are instructed to do it properly, having examined ourselves and forgiven others, remembering Jesus' sacrifice on the cross for us. She said she realized she was explaining things much deeper than normal, but followed the leading of the Holy Spirit. In the end, she had lead the class in a prayer asking God to forgive them for the wrong things they've done, asking Jesus to be their Savior and such. The regular class members were jubilant about having Jesus living in them. She asked this little boy if he had Jesus living in him now...he thought deeply, then a joyful look filled his face as he declared he did! It was awesome. As she was sharing this with the pastor after church, he said that this boy's mother and father had come to church for the first time the previous week. She had rededicated her life to Christ and his father had given Christ his life for the first time!!!

What if that church had treated this couple who didn't "look like" the church people the way our dear new Christian acquaintances said? Made them leave? Two, possibly three souls would be lost right now and the church of God would have shamed the one who bought them with His own blood to serve Him and searching souls. They could have been so damaged by being made to leave that they may well have never tried again.

Don't become a reproach to your God and Savior by focusing on unimportant things - focus on salvation and souls! Do the work we are here for!

Remember, Jesus forbade us to give preferential seating to a rich man in our assemblies and ask the poor man to sit at our feet! Surely we are not to make them leave, those whom the Lord loves and is calling to Himself!

One last clarification. I'm in no way saying five year-olds are old enough to be lost without a salvation experience. That isn't for me to say, but God alone. However, the material being covered in a communion lesson was quite similar to the salvation material and the child made a choice to ask forgiveness and ask Jesus to be his Savior. Whether it was a "salvation experience" or not isn't the point - a soul chose Jesus that day who never had before and is now on the right path. Hallelujah! This wouldn't have happened, nor his parents being saved today, had God's assembly made them leave because they "looked different". Don't shame God and hurt His children!

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