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Fall Element Freebie by Lynette's Photo Art  

Aren't you sick of "holy lying"? I sure am.

You know what I mean - you talk to a brother or sister in Christ and one sentence they are telling you that everything is great in their lives then the next they are telling you how awful it is, then back to how great then more awful...adnausium! Or, they can't tell you loudly enough how great things are with them, when the known truth is that sheerly terrible things are dominating their world just now.

The reason this happens is because of the "hyper faith" movement. So many have been taught that they must never let a negative word out of their mouths or it will magically cause it to happen or worsen..."speaking it into existence". It's nothing short of Christian superstition and that is against all of God's teachings. True verses that teach us that we receive what we believe, have been distorted and people are afraid to speak the truth even in prayer. Our Lord says to speak to the mountain in faith and in His name and it will move, but if we won't even acknowledge there is a mountain there, we can't speak to it and pray against it in faith. We also forfeit the God given powerful spiritual weapon of having brethren pray with us to lift our burden. Others can't pray for us if we won't even let them know what we need or what's wrong.

End Christian superstition and Holy Lying, because that's just what it is! Live by the Word of God in His Holy Bible, not by the words of a human preacher/teacher! They are flawed just like you and I and they can't get you to heaven!

Here's my gift for you today - I made it using some luscious styles from - enjoy! I have already used it in a book I published.
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