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More cute little paper boxes and a freebie!  

I liked yesterday's cute little Thanksgiving goodie box so much that I made some up to be little welcome gifts for visitors at church. They have our logo, website, phone number, meeting times and a warm welcome on them. Haven't decided what to tuck inside, but oh what fun! Can't cost hardly anything as these little babies are $.54 each to print at Staples - plus quite a bit of time, and we are a tiiiiiny church without funds. Hmmm ... how about chunks of soap with a strip of paper wrapped around them saying, "Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow. Psalm 51:7"!! I like that idea as there's nothing more important in this life than being washed of our sins by the precious blood of Jesus Christ - salvation!!!

I'd LOVE to hear your suggestions of what to put inside these that would be very cheap, yet meaningful. It would be great to get lots of good ideas from you! LOL - maybe if I call it a "challenge" I'd get some participation? :) You are hereby CHALLENGED!!! Put your thinking caps on and either comment at the end of this post or e-mail me at The size we will give away is 2"x1.75" by 1.25" high (to be able to print 2 per sheet and be more economical). I'm so excited to hear your suggestions!

The beautiful red you see in the background is our Firepower Nandina - one of God's most beautiful bushes - full of colors all year round! Way to go God!
I made these using a template I made from a freebie from Have fun and remember we all need to thank God for everyone and everything have!

Today I'm giving you a background paper with hand painted watercolor flowers. Enjoy!

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