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Another Christmas Card by Lynette's Photo Art  

Earlier I shared the card I designed to make with my children in Bible Class to give to their parents (with lessons on thankfulness and honoring our parents), now here's the card I designed to give to each of them from me.
As always cost is a big issue. I went to Big Lots and found a set of 12 dough art ornaments on gold thread hangers for just $6. I loved the ornaments and designed the cards around them. They are flat on the back and dimensional on the front. (I would not mail these in standard envelopes as I don't think it would be a happy result.)

I designed the cards with green snowflake paper leaving a circle big enough to feature the ornaments and printed them on card stock. On the first card I cut the circle out, wanting to hang the ornament in the opening. The card stock is way too thin to support this. Plan B...

Wanting the ornaments to be easily removable so they could be used, I threaded the hanger into the eye of a large upholstery needle and pulled it through to the inside of the card and then pressed the hole closed with my fingers. I tore a small piece of PlastiTac off (stuff you use to hang light things on walls without damage) and put it on the back of the ornament and pressed to the card to stay centered in the circle.

Now it needed something on the left side to finish it. I ended up buying my first scrapbooking "tool". I got a Martha Stewart snowflake punch at Michael's with a 40% off coupon. Gotta say it's so fun punching them out of the little scraps I save (to recycle). They pop out and float to the table like real snowflakes and they come out curved! I like that as they look more dimensional on the cards. Side note - I tried punching some from the political ads that I'm recycling, but the punch didn't want to open once it punched, so I eventually gave up.
Then I added little gold balls to the centers of the snowflakes to tie in with the gold hangers and threads on the ornaments. It looked pretty good, but I still needed some red to balance the reds in the ornaments.

I got a roll of luscious red sparkly ribbon trimmed in gold (to again tie in with the other gold on the card) for only $.99 on sale at Michael's. I tried several different ideas and settled on gluing each snowflake to a piece of the ribbon and then gluing them to the cards. I'm really happy with how they turned out. They are fun and simple and are a gift as well as a card (the ornaments)!

So how'd we do price wise? Even with the cost of the snowflake punch, which I did buy only because of this but will surely be used in many other things for the class in the future, not counting the card stock, envelopes and printer ink (too hard to figure), they come to only $1.62 a piece including tax!!!!! Wow! And so much more fun than a store bought card - with leftovers for other projects! My gift to you today is the Dough Snowflake Ornament. Enjoy!

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