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Christmas/New Year Paper Kit Freebie  

Happy New Year! I pray that every one of you has the best year ever and that you grow closer to our God. Here is an article I came across that says something important I have talked to you about before. I hope it blesses you as we strive to be more pleasing to Him this coming year.

Bossing God Around by Mark O. Wilson

A nine year old boy was given a full grown St. Bernard for Christmas. Viewing his present with extreme delight and wonder, he exclaimed, “Wow!!! That’s great!!! But is he mine – or am I his?”

Now, that’s a great question for every Christian: Is Jesus mine – or am I His?

The answer ought to be “Yes!”

It is certainly a wonderful fact that Christ is a friend like no other. He meets our needs. He satisfies our deepest longings. He is a present help in the hour of trouble. He is the one who steps in when the rest of the world steps out.

Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine! He is my Savior, my Deliverer, my Joy, and my Strength!

We must never forget, however, who we are and who God is. We don’t “own” Him.

George Barna, conducting recent research of American evangelical churches concluded that there is a deep-rooted self centeredness at the core of our religious expressions. A “consumer mind set” prevails across the board – “I’m involved with church for what I get out of it.” What’s in it for me? No wonder religion seems so empty.

I’ve had well meaning friends tell me how they boss God around when they pray: “God, I need this and that. You really have to come through for me here. I’m counting on you and you had better not let me down!”

There’s something wrong with this picture.

We need God – but He doesn’t need us. He is willing to help and strengthen us – but we don’t have the right to give him orders. (end of quote)

And I'd personally add, people loudly and boldly thanking God for things they never asked Him for but think that thanking Him for it obligates Him, by virtue of our faith, to do/give what we say. We will never be God's boss, not even by faith. True, without faith we won't get anything, but having it doesn't make Him have to do anything outside of His will. Remember, our Lord Jesus taught us to pray, "As You will, not as I will", and He was the Son of God!

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