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Consider The Ants and a SUPER FREEBIE!  

I'm so tickled with how this turned out that I wanted to share it with you. I hope it inspires you! This is the first time I have used someone else's lesson ideas, but I saw this at and it was so excellent that I'm doing it this Sunday, Lord willing.

I'm not going to put the actual lesson material here as it's not entirely mine, but it's teaching, Proverbs 6:6, "Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise." She several activities to make the lesson engaging and memorable and these are the ones I'm doing.

This is everything you will need beside the actual lesson, which is of course the most important part! (I organize everything in wonderful baggies - what a blessing!)
I made ants to lay in a trail away from our classroom. At the end of the trail will be the blue (I had leftovers) cards upside down. Each child will follow the trail and choose a card to bring back to class. When all the words have been retrieved, we will build the sentence which says, "We can do what we should without being told." Just like the ants do.

Here you also see note papers, lined and with ants marching around them where each child will write what things they will try to do without being told. Parents could respond as to which they actually do the next week and it could return to class for reward.
The diagonal printed squares in the picture able will be put in the mouths of black construction paper ants that will have pipe cleaner legs and antenna and googly eyes. The scripture, Proverbs 6:6, is written on it and will serve as their take home to memorize it for next week's memory work.
Next you see the memory game I made of cardstock. Ants on one side and things they can "do without being told" on the other - two cards for each. There are 30 and I used normal things children should be doing at home and added several to reinforce what I've been teaching them about worship and proper behavior reverencing God. It's played just like the store bought game - all cards ant side up and mixed up. Take turns turning two cards over looking for a match. If you match you take them both and have another turn. When you don't match you turn them upside down again and everyone tries to remember where each was so they can make a match in the future.
Now for the really fun part! A reader commented on her post about this idea, but of course, I took it waaaay beyond and I just love it! Every child will get a paper plate, a popsicle stick with a magnet hot glued to one end, one of the brown construction paper pieces and four cheerios.

We'll do this first so it has time to dry a bit before the end of class. I just traced the blue glass (isn't it gorgeous?) for my circles. They will cut the circle out, then cut in to the center on the line and cut out the door I drew on each. Then they will twist it into an "ant hill" and staple it shut. Glue doesn't dry quickly enough for such a short class and it's a stressful joining, so pretty or not, staple it will be! Then they will glue the ant hill to their plates.
Then we'll play a game with them! Not a mindless game, but one that reinforces what we are told to learn from the ant - his diligence and doing the right thing without being told, his being prepared. Everyone will put four Cheerios their on the plate on the oppossite side of the ant hill. then they will put their ant on the plate and position the magnet under the plate beneath him. Using the popsicle stick we'll race to move the ants to push all the Cheerios into the ant hill. So cute and such fun! :)
You're probably wondering how to make the sweet little ants... The comment I read just cut cardboard ants and put two brads through it for legs and colored it with a marker. Instead, I got tiny black brads from Hobby Lobby. They actually had two sizes! I opened the legs a little and put a bit of glue in and then pressed a toothpick between them up against the body. I did this for three brads per ant and put them as close together as possible. Why the toothpick? Added strength. I decided that just joining them touching each other wouldn't be sturdy enough. When they dried I snipped the toothpick ends off and used a Sharpie marker to color it all black. If I were doing it again, I'd color them before assembling. Then I spread the legs enough to be a stable base, so they won't flip over when the magnet is added. Perfectionist that I am, I wanted to snip the "legs" off the front and back brads and glue them to the midsection to be anatomically correct, but they just flip over with magnet. :(

I have so much material in the lesson and so many fun activities that this will be two weeks of lessons. I think it will stay with them better having two lessons in a row and we can see how they are doing at home too!
For today's gift, I'm going to save you soooo many hours of designing! I'm giving you my memory game, the notes they fill out with what they will do without being told, the ants for the trail and the memory verse note to put in the ant's mouth. I can't give you the big ant's body as it's not mine, but it looks like this and you can draw your own, 6 3/4" long and 2" wide, punching tiny holes in the top side for the pipe cleaner legs and then glue the second body shape under it to hide the pipe cleaners under the body, but don't glue the mouth shut! The memory verse note goes into it! Now go and share all this along with a sound lesson on Proverbs 6:6 and God bless you for doing it! Be sure to send others here to the blog to download their own.
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