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I had lunch with Eric Roberts!!!!!!  

I had quite a surprise today!

We finished the Consider the Ants lessons today in Bible Class and it was so much fun! The children really loved it and it was fun watching them enjoy. It was mid afternoon when we were finally able to close the building and head home. My husband decided to get a bite of lunch to eat before the hour drive home. While there, we saw a girl who had visited the church long ago. She was working there and we enjoyed catching up. Then she very excitedly showed us a signature ... Eric Roberts ... he was eating in the back of the restaurant just feet away! Turns out he's filming a new movie, Deadline, at the courthouse in Pulaski, TN (not two blocks from the church building). And yesterday Julia was there!

Our friend was all upset that she didn't have a way to get a picture with him. I take my camera to church to take pictures of the children in class, so I let her borrow it and said I'd e-mail her the pictures. We ate. I'm not a moviestar groupie and though it was a little neat, I wasn't thinking about disturbing him. How awful their lives must be, bothered by strangers all the time. We joined hands and prayed that he and Julia and all their loved ones would be saved if they aren't already.

Well, about a half hour later when we were ready to leave, Ken decides he is going to try to get a picture with him. Frankly I was embarrassed, but followed at a distance. He went right up to him, shook hands and one of Eric's group took a picture. Eric insisted I come over and next thing I know he's wrapped both arms around me and is calling me "darlin"... it was astonishing how quickly a woman my age turned into a silly 12 yr. old girl! It was fun and he was SOOOO sweet and gracious! I'm so surprised at myself, but it was fun. Ken's pic turned out great, but mine not so very. This is the best I could fix it up in PS. It should look it's best small here. That's ME and Eric Roberts!!! Ahhhh! :) Ok, back to my age again! Bet you wish you'd gone to church today...wonder who you might have met! LOL!
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