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3.5x5" Box Template Freebie  

I have often shared things God has taught me through my little Boo (our 4.5 lb. dog), and today I have another. We keep the house very cold during the winter and hot in the summer to keep the bills down. So in the cold months, I am dressed like an Eskimo in the house and there are blankets covering the sofa for watching TV. LOL we don't even refrigerate V8 because the cans are as cold as you can drink already at room temperature. On top of all the layers I wear, my coat and gloves with the thumb and pointer fingers open so I can type, and sometimes even a hat, I'm also wrapped in a blanket as I work here at the computer most of the day, and baby Boo is snuggled warm and happy inside my coat. It works very well for both of us. I get to hold and love her all the time :) and she stays warm.

Today she got upset with me because I didn't share as much of my meal with her as she wanted and she was sitting on her kennel next to me here pouting and shaking like a leaf. She'd hopped out of my coat hoping another approach to begging would reap greater benefits and she'd gotten cold. She was upset enough with me that she refused my invitation to return to her toasty spot in my coat.

Our Father showed me that He longs for us to stay right there in His arms always, safe and warm, but we insist on going out on our own, trying to do things our way instead of following His laws which are designed for our best good, out of His love for us, to bless us. We remove ourselves from intimacy with Him where all our needs are met and we start suffering, yet we resist returning to His ways and intimacy with Him. We want to do things our way. Everything we need is in Him, yet we shiver in misery on our own while His love beckons us to return.

Now for your goodies. I made a set of my marble conversation hearts and photos of our family (like I showed you here) for each of my daughters. One daughter is here, but I needed to send one set to my daughter across country. The only box I had was a small priority box from the post office. Necessity is the mother of invention they say...

The marbles were heavy, but didn't take up much room, even wrapped in pink bubble wrap. So I phoned the post office and found out the smallest box we can send is 3.5 x5". They said the thickness didn't matter. Ok, so I measured it out on the box form and cut the entire right side off. Then I lined up the part I cut off along the line I'd drawn for the new side of the box and I traced the cut off piece onto the remaining large piece to duplicate how I should cut it out to still make a sturdy, perfectly closing box just like it was to begin with. I cut it out just like the other side, scored the new folds and voila! It was perfect...except the change in size messed up the print on the box and now it was unusable.

Well, after so many years of sending packages I found out a few months ago that you can cover the outside of your boxes any way you want, as long as you leave the address and postage areas blank. Yeah!!!!! Not wanting to waste the box, I scanned my newly cut template. It takes two pieces of regular paper to cover this template. I made the scans into two templates and designed this beautiful box! I only put design on the panels that would show when the box is assembled to save ink.

I cut them out and glue-sticked them to the box. Tacky glue would make the paper wet and soft and it would "bruise" easily. Due to the fact I can't make my printer print to the very edge of the paper, there were white borders around the pages. It shows on the far right side below. There is enough on the overlapping piece to cut off there and glue over the white just fine. Then I assembled it as you would the original box. It was soooo cute! And it's sturdy. I've just got to think that anyone would prefer getting this pretty box to a plain one. She'll enjoy knowing that I actually remember the vintage valentines on the back panel! I wrote a personal message by hand on the journal tag on the back panel, taped it tightly shut and it's on it's way to her! It was so much cuter with both addresses showing, but safety first... In this example only I used things by designs by krista; design by; file name valentine's goodies bh;; &

I'm giving you the blank templates today so you will be able to decorate this box as you wish, print it on sturdy card stock and make your own adorable 3.5x5" box of heavy cardstock. I'd sure love to see what you make with it. Enjoy!
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