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Awesome T-shirt Scarf & Feather Paper1 Freebie  

I saw this wonderful tutorial on CraftCrave (thank you Maria!) by that shows you how to take old t-shirts and make four beautiful styles of scarves from them. I just had to make one for my daughters! My favorite of the styles is the ruffly one that hangs really long - can you tell? :)

I started looking. I knew I wanted a happy pop of color for these dreary last weeks of winter. First I fell in love with this absolutely gorgeous $4.99 flower at Michael's on 40% off sale. Sadly my photo doesn't begin to accurately depict the beauty of this flower. Then I searched for a t-shirt of a color that would compliment it. I found a 5x t-shirt at Walmart for $6. The tutorial said XL or XXL is large enough to make this scarf, but I found that I had to get creative even with the 5X to get all 12 9" circles for this style, but it's fine. The fabric glue was $4.99 and I had a 40% off coupon. It was super easy to make. The hard part is letting the glue cure for 24 hrs.!

Now it was time to make my beautiful flower functional. I heated my glue gun and was delighted to find that every petal was already perfectly glued! I trimmed the plastic piece off the back. Then I went in search of hardware to attach it with. I feel silly now. I kept going back and forth between wanting a way to pin it to the scarf (or jacket or purse, etc.) and also to be able to use it in hair etc. A wonderful lady at Hobby Lobby suggested looking at the flowers they were selling for this purpose and voila! The geniuses had attached pins AND clips! And they just glued them to the back of the flower, then opened both fasteners and glued fabric over it to hide it all. I used an extra leaf to cover mine as there were some left after I used some for my pin. The pins were $2.99 for 20 on half off sale and the clips were 5 for $2.99, also on half off.

All told, I spent $10.36 on this scarf plus the $3.23 for the glue (I divided the fasteners price by 5 as you can make 5 flower pin/clips without buying more). If you use a shirt you already have that saves $6.48. It's a fun project and I can just see it on her with her very long dark brown hair and her sparkling eyes and warm smile! I plan to make a black or white one for my oldest daughter as she has more classic tastes in clothes.

You can tell from the graphics I design that I'm not the "clean & simple" type person...and looking at this picture I can see something dangling from that flower...thin ribbons? Maybe, but something totally unexpected and off beat sounds better... :)
Today I'm giving you an exquisite paper of feathers! I can't wait to use this one! Isn't it astounding how God has absolutely FILLED this earth with beauty for those who will notice it? Grab it while you can and enjoy!
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