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Freebie 10 Commandment Book & Memory Work Take Homes  

We are starting to memorize the 10 Commandments in Bible class Sunday. I always send home a copy of each week's memory work and this one seemed obvious...put them on "stone tablets". Since I've already done all the work, maybe you'd like to use them too.

These files print on your standard 8.5 x 11” paper. Cut them into squares for memory work take homes, then make them into a book!

When we have memorized them all, I'll print them again and have the children write a way it applies to their life as a child on the blank page. Then have them cut the tablets out. To make the book they will fold each in half on the center line, then glue stick the back of the blank side of Commandment 1 to the back of the printed side of Commandment 2 and so on. Then cut the cover out and fold on the center line. Glue to the book. Or you could trace the tablet shape a little bit larger on black construction paper and have them cut it out and glue it to on to be the covers and write "Ten Commandments" on the front with a metallic silver marker. This will help the commands be personal and memorable to them. Remember to have fun doing it!
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