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Marble Conversation Hearts Freebie  

I saw this idea on another blog, but I don't know which now, sorry. I LOVE this idea and finally got my marbles yesterday. I'm planning to make lots and sprinkle them on the tables at our church Valentine's Day fellowship meal Sunday. The woman who thought this up hand wrote her messages and they looked fabulous! I tried...not so fabulous. The only pretty paper I had was tissue, and I had a rainbow of perfect colors. You know even the finest Sharpie marker would wick horribly on it. :( So I tried the only scrapping paper I had...really boring for this project and I didn't like my handwriting. So, to PhotoShop I went!
To minimize how much ink I used on my printer, I set up a grid and built my "paper" and added text in Pea Summer Funkiness. There are 16 different messages in 8 different colors. I took the colors from the yummy pedestal I made to put my food on (get directions from yesterday's post). And as always, when I have done the work, I share with you! So today's freebie is the file so you can print the backgrounds and make your own lickety split!

Note - I found the marbles in a large size and the regular size. I got the regular. So if you are going to use my gift today, you need the regular size marbles or you'll have to enlarge my file to fit your larger marbles.

Another note - when they are dry you can hot glue magnets to the backs to make them into magnets. I'm making some magnets and some just to scatter on the table.

The original directions said to trace the marble, cut, etc. I started that way and quickly saw that the quickest and easiest way was to just print the sheet, lay it on the table, paint some Glossy ModPodge on each saying in a row, then go back and smoosh a marble onto it, center it and go on to the next. When almost dry I roughly cut them into squares then carefully trimmed as close to the marble as I could with my scissors. I like doing it before it's all the way dry because any tiny imperfections in the cutting easily disappear as you press the edge with your fingers. Perfect! And so quick and easy!
If you want different colors you can just magic wand select a square and fill the layer above it with your new color and set it's blending mode to multiply or screen as suits you. Flatten your project and print. You could even use the file I'm giving you and desaturate and lighten it with a hue & sat adjustment layer for more of a pastel look.

Then it got way cooler as I used the file I'm giving you today as a clipping mask and made some with pictures of loved ones... :) Ohhh what great magnets these make, and I'm wondering why not glue a jewelry "beaver" to the back to make one into a pendant and wear it as a necklace!!!! I utterly adore the sets of marbles now...I'm mixing a complete set of the 16 conversation hearts messages with a collection of photos of loved ones appropriate for each person I'm giving them to this Valentine's Day. Very happy now!
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