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Oak Leaf Paper 2 Freebie  

Today's freebie is food for thought. We all love the first baby leaves of spring, bright and full of promise. Then they change into the stable green backdrop of summer, humbly yielding the spotlight to all the beautiful flowers. Next they turn rich fall colors to rival even the flowers of summer. Finally they fall to the ground, crunchy under foot, smelling warm and wonderful, strewn with acorns, sweetgum balls and pine cones.

Each stage has it's own charm, beauty and use. Even the last...see the lovely paper I've giving you today? (The second paper of two.) Human beings are the same. Each age we pass through during our journey on this earth has it's own charm and beauty. We are useful in different ways at different stages of life. None is worthless. None is devoid of beauty. It's up to each of us to discover it's treasures, for us personally and for society. This is why God teaches us to honor our elders, a thing we Americans are not doing.
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