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A note to those collecting the Emerald Isle Paper Pack - don't panic that the downloads are out of order, you will get them all I promise! I had them all scheduled to post in order, but then as I end up shuffling things they sometimes get mixed up, but I assure you they are all scheduled to post and you'll have them all. I'm so glad you like them.

Extra thanks to DeltaLady and Biche57 for all the comments - comments mean the world to me. And Biche57, you mentioned a link was invalid - if you read by the download link, it promises to only be active for 24 hrs. due to storage limits. I often leave them longer and there are literally hundreds of freebies on the blog at all times including one for every one of the almost 160 kits for sale. You just have to look for them. If you want the sweet snaps, they are now in the Bunnies 'n' Bows Kit here. Thanks to everyone who posts!!!! And here's the thought for today...

On our way to worship yesterday we passed a breathtaking field - it was all purple! It was a huge field full of tiny purple weeds. It was spectacular!

I've often marveled at the fact that if a flower is difficult to grow, we call it a flower, and if it is effortless to grow, we call it a weed. I challenge anyone to see this field and not think it absolutely gorgeous, and no man planted it, watered it, fertilized it or weeded it! It cost nothing to fill that entire field with luscious purple. Praise the Lord for planting this lovely field for us!
It got me thinking about how we don't value things that come without effort and sacrifice. Yes, one will spend a lottery fortune in a heartbeat and enjoy it, but we just don't truly value what we haven't had to work for and that's why so many lottery fortunes are gone in just a couple of years.

We couldn't value light if there were no darkness to compare it to. We don't truly value a good meal until we have fasted a while. We appreciate good health the most when we have lost it and then regained it. It's our nature.

If we look at God's plan of salvation for mankind, which He planned before He began creating this world, we see this same principle in place. If man had no ability to disobey Him, there would be no value in our obedience - so He made us creatures with free will.

If there were no evil, we couldn't comprehend or appreciate goodness and holiness - hence He allowed evil to enter the world and tempt us.

Without consequences, both good and bad, to our choices, how would we learn what was the good choice to make?

When He freed the Israelites from Egyptian slavery, He allowed them periods of hunger, thirst, boredom with their diet (manna), to show them that He would provide for them, that when He promised to take care of them if they would obey and love Him, He could be trusted. If they never had lack, how could they learn He would take care of them? This happens in our lives too.

How can we learn to rely on Him for our strength if we never ran out of our own strength?

How could we learn that He is wise and will teach us the way we should go if we never failed in setting our own path?

We don't know to seek Him and all He has for us until we see the lack in our lives.

We don't seek a cure until we know we have a disease.

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