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I have received an e-mail asking for more information about and the program I'm using to read through the Bible this year. It’s so encouraging to know that you you are actually reading the posts! It means a lot to hear from you! Thank you!!

The actual place I’m reading from is a wonderful program at:
That’s where I chose my chronological Bible plan and which translation. When you’ve done that it takes you to a page that lets you choose when you begin and that sets what date is by each day’s reading. It offers the first of every month, so now would be a great time to start!!! I know that it’s a huge discouragement for me when I miss a day and fall behind schedule, so even though it was January when I started, I chose to select February 1 to give me a headstart. Then each time I have a few extra minutes I read ahead to give myself the flexibility to miss a day now and then and still not fall behind. I’m currently a month ahead of the actual current date. I know it’s all cerebral, but knowing myself and that it would discourage me to fall behind, I chose to do it this way and it’s really taken ALL the stress out of it!! After selecting your start date you are taken to a page you are to bookmark so you can easily return daily and each time you travel a day’s link it changes color so it’s so easy to know where to start each day. The dates are listed for each reading too, but I like to read ahead and the links’ color helps me keep my place effortlessly. So what does this have to do with Biblegateway? When you click each day’s link it takes you to that reading in Biblegateway! :)

You asked what to look at once at Biblegateway - well, separate from your daily reading, in the left column you have many things you can do such as customize to always appear in your choice of language, translations, font size, hide or show footnotes and cross-references and Jesus' words in red.

The two options in the left column that I use most are:

  • Passage Lookup – when you know what book, chapter and verse you want to read.
  • Keyword Lookup – when you know some words of your passage, but not where it is. It allows you to tell it what books of the Bible to look in which saves a lot of time in scanning the results to find your scripture. I often will say just the Old Testament or just the New Testament, but sometimes the entire Bible, also sometimes I know the actual book, but not the chapter and verse so I only search that book. You can even choose to search in multiple translations at the same time! Whole words or exact phrases. Many choices!
Once you get your search results they will be in the translation you chose, but you can then change to any other translation you want. This really helps when you simply aren’t finding what you are looking for. Often switching to King James translation will help you find your passage, then you can quickly switch back to the translation you want to read it in. has reading plans where they will actually e-mail you daily! But I prefer the way I’m doing it.

They have a way that you can do all this on your phone if you have one that can do it.

They provide the daily Bible verse on my blog and I am always soooo impressed with their choices. I use Biblegateway every time I post. It saves me tons of time in providing the scriptures for each post. LOL wish I’d know about it when I started the blog, but I’ve used it for years now and GOD BLESS BIBLEGATEWAY!!!! I use it in the lessons I make to teach my class too!

Hope that helped, now go check it out! :)

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