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Spices Submit! and Ribbon Bow Freebie  

Boy am I surprised at the reception yesterday's freebie has gotten! I'm so glad you liked it!

My daughter and I ran to Home Depot the other day for a floodlight for church. While there we "dream shopped" the kitchen cabinet section. *sigh* All those wonderful inventions to make the most of the space we have were amazing.

Back in my own kitchen/office/Bible class storage and creation area I got to thinking about my spice shelf. I have a very small shelf for all my spices and extracts. Every time I need one, I have to take every one out, one at a time, looking for what I need. Then I have to put them all at a time. It's not great and I sometimes end up buying duplicate spices because I didn't pull every one out. Wasteful.

I got to thinking about all those wonderful devices in the store and I set my mind to figuring out a solution. I looked longingly at those tiered stands for spices and wished I had a shelf that could use them. Then I thought about the pull out trays in those cabinets. I saw two long narrow plastic trays with a non-skid surface inside and got a thought...if I could fit two of them side by side, I could easily pull half of them out at a time and and see what I had! I could write the spice name on top of the lids with a Sharpie marker and see everything at a glance! At most I'd need to pull out two trays to find what I was looking for, not countless bottles in and then putting them all back one at a time. And the trays were even white to match my make-it-yourself white cabinet! I was so excited! They were about $4.50 each. Here's the before shot:Here's the after shot:
Yup...Perfect fit in the width and exactly 1" too long to close the door :( *Sigh* I really loved how they looked and worked. I tried to figure out a way to cut them down so I could close the door, but in the end, back to the store they went.

I thought of custom making some of cardboard, but they wouldn't be as stiff and strong to support the weight, or washable and the white plastic looks so much nicer...

Then yesterday I found two more trays at a store for $2.99 a piece. They weren't as cute as the first and they don't fill the width of the shelf as perfectly, but they do function.
Now I can quickly and easily see what I've got! Why did I wait so long to think of this?!!
The things I use most often are still in the front so I can grab them without pulling the trays out.

Today's gift for you is this pretty little bow. Enjoy!
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