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Daisy Paper 7 freebie  

We teach babies not to touch the hot stove because it will harm them. Do they mind because they love us? No. They aren't able to understand the consequences of their actions or obedience as a result of love yet. We have to threaten punishment (and follow through consistently) in order to train them, for their own good.

As the child grows and is able to understand more, they begin to understand the consequences of their actions and obey out of respect for our position in their lives. Are they obeying because they love us? No. But they are learning to trust we know what's best for them and they obey out of both respect and fear of the consequences.

Ultimately the young person transitions into obeying out of love and respect. My adult daughters no longer have to obey any of my rules, but when we are together, out of love for me, they do without a word spoken.

It's the same with coming to God for salvation. At first we come because we have realized the consequence of not coming is an eternity in hellfire without any chance of escape. Just as the baby doesn't touch the hot stove out of fear of punishment, we come to God out of fear initially, repenting of our sins and asking Him to save us. We become babes-in-Christ.

As we grow in our relationship with God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, we begin to see that the rules are only there for our ultimate good. We learn to see the rules are a powerful expression of His love for us and desire to be with us and not a device to steel our fun. His rules protect us from horrible consequences, both in this world and the next. We obey out of respect for who He is and trust that He knows best - still remembering the consequences of disobedience.

In time, we should mature in our relationship with Him to the point that we now obey out of deep and abiding love for Him and all He's done for us. We see His laws as loving ties holding us close to the Lover Of Our Souls. We long with all our hearts to please Him and give Him joy, to conform our thoughts and behaviors so closely to His that we can simply be with Him - the best of all! When we slip and sin, our hearts ache with instant repentance, running to His beloved feet, washing them with our tears as we know we have hurt Him yet again, yet assured of His forgiveness through Jesus Christ.

Just as we know our jobs as parents are to prepare our children for life and life eternal and we work toward that end, let us be as diligent in seeking our Lord deeply so we mature in our relationship with Him to the point where we obey out of love. He never meant, nor will He be satisfied, with people simply saying a "magic prayer" and occasionally warming a pew. Either we have a real and living relationship with Him or we have nothing.

Today's gift is the last of the Daisy papers. I hope you've loved them as much as I do!
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