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Easter Paper Model Kit available free!  

I'm so happy to bring you news that the long awaited Easter paper model kit from the talented and generous Martin Didier is finally here! You might remember the wonderful paper nativity kit I made with the children in my Bible class - that was his creation. You can see how we made it here.
I thought we were done, but then he gave us the wise men set so...
We have reused the parts of that kit to act out other Bible stories. Yesterday we built "Mt. Sinai" from a foam kit that was meant to be a volcano (that I'd found on a huge clearance sale). We used the people and animals from the nativity to act out Moses receiving the 10 commandments from God as we read Exodus 19 & 20 in the Bible. They loved it! (Note the mouse on a man's head!)
The green/brown line was the boundary God set around the mountain that no man or beast could cross or die. Here God has sent Moses back down to tell the people again that they must not cross that boundary.This one shows what the children did as we read that the people stood "afar off" to be certain not to break God's command and cross the boundary. We talked about how many Christians live their lives trying to see how close they can get to sin and still get to heaven. The proper response comes from an intimate relationship with God which naturally results in a deep desire to be pleasing to Him and not cause Him any more sadness or grief. We want to be as far from darkness and sin as possible to be certain not to break His commandments, like Joseph who literally ran from temptation! (The black is to protect the children.)
I can't wait to make this Easter kit with them too! So hurry over and pick it up for yourself! It's fabulous! And just a note from me, once they are made, I put two coats of ModPodge on them to preserve them for future use (and from children handling). Thanks Martin! :)
Download here. Check out my TERMS OF USE here.The password is jesuschristislord.Digifree CraftCrave CraftCrave

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