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One Little Glass  

Recently I broke one of the moss green glasses that goes with my spring/summer tablescape that I always keep set between meals. I shared this with you long ago.
I had no spares, so I wrote the Libby glass company for help locating a replacement as they are no longer in my Walmart. They explained that there are few resources for such a request, but they'd try. After the tornadoes I had thought maybe not to pursue it in light of the larger picture, but in corresponding with them today, I found myself writing this and thought it might bless someone, so here it is:

"It feels odd still pursuing this as my daughter just lost her first house and almost all she owned in the 4-27-11 ravaging of northern Alabama by 240 tornadoes. 38 counties are disaster areas. We’ve worked so hard trying to salvage and dry out anything we could find in the sun as we had no power for a week. So many lost loved ones and many more lost homes like my daughter, and here I’m trying to replace one glass that broke so my table will be pretty again. Feels odd. I considered not pursuing it now, but as she stays with me till the insurance gets her in an apartment and as my other daughter drove in from WVA to help, my house became as much chaos as her property that we worked at from curfew to curfew each day, as much chaos as our state. Adding no power to it just made it worse.

It just seemed to make such a dark statement to have that glass missing. You see, I have always kept the table set. We eat, I wash and reset it so it’s always cheerful and beautiful. One place for each of us in the family...and now as we sat, there was one glass missing. It’s as though it is the only thing noticeable about the table is that missing glass as if to remind us how close we have come to loosing my beloved daughter.

As power returned and work at her house wound down and one daughter went back to WVA, I’ve tried to return my home to as close to “normal” as possible, because there is value in something being constant; something being the same when her whole world is gone. She has such a great attitude and I’m so proud of her and thankful to God for saving her life as she planned to be in her bed watching TV when it happened, and there was an enormous tree where the bed used to be and the entire back of the house, including her bedroom is gone. The table that was next to her bed was pushed through to the crawl space. Praise God that He kept her at work from 5 AM till 7:15 PM when the last tornado passed her house. So, I feel very odd about pursuing this when so many have lost everything, but those four place settings have always signified my loved ones and even though the girls have grown and moved away, those place settings are always there waiting for them to bounce in the door and enjoy God’s blessings with us again. The new glass will signify that things have indeed changed, but they will mend and go on and all will be well again, even beautiful. I really hope you can find me another glass.

Thanks for listening. I know it’s not your business to care, but this has been very large in our lives and as we wait for the insurance to get with it and start the healing, I just wanted you to know what one Libby glass means to my family. I discovered your glassware in Boaz, AL oh so long ago when the girls were very tiny and have kept them on my table ever since, different colors in a couple of styles, but always Libby glassware. You are part of what makes our home, part of every family gathering, part of every fond memory of happy times where we have been blessed to eat together. I hope this makes you happy when your job gets boring or stressful. You do actually make a difference in ways you probably can’t imagine."

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