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Diary of a Failed Children's Craft Part 2 & a freebie  

First, to the person who asked if I'm on Facebook or Twitter, no. I have way more than I have time for just keeping up with daily posts here and the store along with my real life, but thanks for asking! I'm so glad you like it here and I hope you come often! And thank you so much to every who comments - I read every one of them! Hugs!

If you missed my first attempt at Shrinky Dinks, scroll back to yesterday's post. Abismal! Shrinky Dinks has amazing customer service though. Pam helped me a lot on the phone and even had me send her my designs that failed last night (on the inkjet plastic product) and she lightened them and shrank them herself. She said my printer, Epson, isn't good for this and that even on theirs, my particular designs didn't work attractively. :( Sad, but ok. I also bought the clear plastic that you draw on with various media, so today this was my project. Click on the image to read. Sadly, he was pretty cute until I tried to put a background behind him and then bake him. The background looks bad, but his face is the saddest part. I had read to outline on the top of the plastic, then color behind for a cool floating effect. On his face, well, you just can't make any of it out now. :( Another issue was all the articles saying to sand the back where you will color. I did my best to sand only inside the box where I was going to paint, but in the end, you really can see the scratches, especially on the clear areas. Starting to think I simply might not be able to succeed with this children's craft!
I went ahead and sealed the nasty back with a couple of coats of clear nail polish and completed my project with little salvaged goodies I had saved. I'm not sure if you can see, but the big bead has black, gold and clear parts coordinating with the artwork. Now I'm happier with it. It's still not as good as before I baked it, but Bucky Cat is cute enough now to go ahead and give to my daughter, (the one who lost her house and belongings in our April tornadoes). She's a big Get Fuzzy fan. What do you think? I plan to go snag some of those back-to-school priced colored pencils and chalk today and try this shrinking thing again... :) Maybe they will work better!
Sweetly Embossed Stationery is EVERYTHING you could want in soft, elegant embossing, even transparent elements so you can make even more embossed items to add to this GIANT kit with 116 pieces! Perfect for weddings, babies and everyday! Due to the delicate and subtle nature of this fabulous kit, items being shrunk for preview purposes really don't show the wonderful detail. Click the image to enlarge, but do download the freebie so you can really see a page of this awesome kit full size. Many of the papers are neutral with embossed designs and are lovely that way, but I've included frames/borders in the seven colors of this kit that lay perfectly on lots of the pages to cover the clear embossed border and add a touch of color. Just drag them on top the paper and center them! There are also oval frames that can be used alone or with the transparent scallops tucked behind them. It's such a versatile kit and so many pieces! Click the Buy It Now Button under the image to purchase from my PayPal Store for $5.99. This is such a special collection that I just couldn't there's an Add On Kit available too for $2.99 - details below.

Sweetly Embossed Stationery has 116 pieces:
Upper and Lower Alpha, Numbers & Punctuation
52 Papers
24 Frames & Borders (some transparent)
4 Journal Tags
4 Dot Circles (two transparent)
3 Dot Rows (two transparent)
7 Buttons
3 Flowers
8 Hearts (one transparent)
7 Bibs
Including Wedding & Baby Papers & Frames
2 Plaques (one transparent)

Sweetly Embossed Stationery Add On:

Sweetly Embossed Stationery Add On has 20 pieces:
4 - 9 picture QPs: 1 plain, 2 w/text border, 1 w/blank border so you can add your own text
3 - 1 picture QPs (shrink to use as frames)
Word Art
Small Frame
7 color double borders to add to frames
3 Papers

One texture was used in making this kit that I got as a freebie many years ago and I don't know who to credit. I'm so sorry and thank you!

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