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Fantastic Uses for Babycakes Cake Pop Maker  

7 “Why should I pardon you?
Your sons have forsaken Me
And sworn by those who are not gods.
When I had fed them to the full,
They committed adultery
And trooped to the harlot’s house.
8 “They were well-fed lusty horses,
Each one neighing after his neighbor’s wife.
9 “Shall I not punish these people,” declares the LORD,
“And on a nation such as this
Shall I not avenge Myself? " Jeremiah 5:7-9

Today I'm sharing an adventure with you. I have long loved cake pops and I've made them for the children at church meals several times, but I was never happy with how they turned out...not that that affected them disappearing! So when I found the Babycakes Cake Pop maker, it looked like the answer. I couldn't really picture how this machine could be used with the recipes I'd been making...they weren't cooked after mixed...but I still wanted to see what it was about.

I have finally gotten myself one at Kohl's on such a sale/coupon that it was only $18.89 including tax (reg. $29.99) and has all the equipment included! After reading the manual and the website I found that most people aren't being successful using it with any store mixes, only with the Babycakes recipes - and there aren't many of them. That saddened me.

So, today I've been a-googling looking for tried and true recipes for the Babycakes...and I have just found a marvelous site where she has actually been so creative as to come up with other ways to use the machine! Be sure to drop by: and check it out. I'm really excited to try some of her recipes for the fellowship dinner this Sunday!

I also waited till the Kohl's cash I earned last week (buying the Babycakes Cake Pop Maker) could be used and ran in yesterday to snag the Babycakes Cupcake Maker while it was on sale for $29.99 - my 30% off coupon (which was still good) - my $20 Kohl's cash = only $2.67 including tax for a $40 Babycakes!!!! I can't wait to try them both out! My oven has never worked properly, so I'm excited that these should help me make great goodies for the kids!!

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