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Folded Paper Christmas Tree Ornament  

I saw a great tutorial for these trees on CSI Project and made my own version. I made my trees out of green scrapbooking paper and aged the folded edges with Distress Ink. When the ink dried, I frosted the cut edges with white glitter. I punched a tiny hole inside at the top and threaded my silver hanger string through. I had some gorgeous metal star beads, so I threaded one onto the string, tied my hanger ends together, turned them to the back to be hidden and then made a second knot just above the star to keep it stationary. I think this tree would also be fun using small green brads to attach the sections, so they would have movement. I might make some that are two sided so they are full all the way around. Drop by the tutorial and have fun!
I'm posting this to The Scoop at Confessions of a Plate Addict and The Sunday Showcase.

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