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Please pray for us.  

If there is anyone reading who is a praying person, please pray for my daughter Ginger, yes, the one who lost her house in the April tornadoes and just moved back in a week ago. Please pray for her and all those who love her boyfriend, Eric, who has died suddenly this morning. She followed the ambulance and was the one to identify him and sign his paperwork. I would so appreciate your prayers.

Update - when she got home, her front door was broken in and she was robbed. She doesn't even have a front door. They have her laptop with all her on line banking info. Takes a special kind of person to watch the only house in the area that was destroyed by the tornadoes and when the person has rebuilt and moved in a week or so, figure they have all new things and break down their door and rob them six days before Christmas. Extra special today with Eric dying only hours earlier.

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