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Magazine/Old Book Christmas Trees  

Recently I shared a couple of trees I made using a tutorial from The House That Lars Built, but I have another to share today and it's adorable too! I used a narrow, rectangular vintage book. I removed the binding and just used the pages. I wrapped a strip of brown paper bag around a glitter tub to make the stump it's standing on. I'm not attaching the "stumps", just setting them on them to look cuter. LOL and now I see I was too eager to grab a shot for you and I didn't get the new one centered! No big deal though since they aren't attached. I love how it turned out! I've been shocked that my husband is still walking around the house talking about the gorgeous sparkle on the first two magazine trees. Not something he's normally into. I used this amazing Diamond Dust from Hobby Lobby. There's none left now. I've tried two stores. But keep your eyes out for it cause it's GAWGIOUS!!!! Is there a magazine/book tree in your holiday future? :)
I'm posting this to The Scoop at Confessions of a Plate Addict and The Sunday Showcase.

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