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Haleyula! and a Valentine Box Freebie  

This will brighten your day no matter how bad it is and you simply must watch to the end! It's only one minute long...a minute well spent!

Isn't that just awesome! Jesus told us we had to come to Him with faith like a child, and here we see what that relationship looks like! Let's all try to be more like this precious little girl in our relationships with our God.

Since that was sooooooo sweet, I made you a gift that's sweet too for Valentine's Day. Yesterday I gave you the blank template to make my 3.5x5" boxes and today I made you one that looks just as "Valentiny" as can be. I'll let you in on a secret though, it's not rose's leaves that fall from my Burning Bush in the fall! Awesome specimen to have in your yard and obviously named for it's flaming appearance when the sun shines through the leaves resembling when Almighty God appeared to Moses in the burning bush. Make one for someone who's alone and brighten their day. Who knows, there might be a great friend there just waiting to be discovered!
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